The Historical Center and the City of the Arts and Sciences

27 de marzo

During the months of July and August Valencia is a very lively city offering many opportunities. Don’t you think that because it is summer, the city is deserted and lacks any activities you are absolutely wrong. If you are planning to spend a few days this summer in the Turia capital, go for it; you will enjoy as never before and you will know the most hidden face of Valencia, and the best way to tour the city is to rent bicycles in Valencia and start pedaling.

Valencia is not an exceedingly large city, it has a very pleasant climate all year round, so it is perfect for rent bicycles in Valencia and doing a bike tour. Especially if you are going out with friends and have few days to enjoy the city, rent bicycles in Valencia is the best option for going out all together in a relaxed, fast, outdoors style and stopping at the places and monuments which you find interesting.

Valencia is not an excessively large city, but to go from the center to the City of Arts or Sciences or to the area of the Royal Navy and the beaches the best option is rent bicycles in Valencia. It will save you long and heavy walks or having to fight it out with public transportation. Organize an outing with your friends to rent bicycles in Valencia and discover all the wonders that the Valencians has preserved for centuries; besides discover the Valencia of the future designed by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava.


After rent bicycles in Valencia Bikes at number 14 Tapineria Street, we suggest you start your route at a point of the city center like Torres de Serranos to enter in the Carmen and discover the historical Valencia. In addition to the obligatory visits to the Cathedral, the Silk Market or the Central Market, we recommend those other wonders that sometimes go unnoticed by the tourist, such as the Santa Catalina church in Baroque style with its famous bell tower presiding over the end of La Paz street, one of the most noble streets of Valencia where we advise you to go pedaling slowly to contemplate the architectural beauty of the facades of the buildings.

In the surroundings of Santa Catalina you´ll find the Redonda Square, a picturesque corner of Valencia, once an open-air market. It stands out because it is a perfect circumference, one of the few urban squares in the world having this form. Animals are not sold there now as they used to a long time ago, but you can sit down at some of its bars to drink a fresh horchata or to taste some of the typical Spanish tapas. If you like ice creams, in Plaza de la Reina you will find an ice cream parlor that got the Guiness record in flavors, with flavors as weird as salmon ice cream, potato omelette or fabada.


After the visit to the city center, rent bicycles in Valencia to go to the area of the City of Arts and Sciences is a great option. You can go there across the gardens of the old Turia River, which end just at the City of Sciences, or by the extensive network of bike lanes crossing the city’s neighborhoods.

The best place to rent bicycles in Valencia is Valencia Bikes. We have points to rent bicycles in Valencia at the historical center, Ruzafa and the Paseo de la Pechina, as well as several bike models to choose from. Likewise, if you are pedaling, and want to be informed of everything you are encountering along the way, it is best to join a bike tour with a guide. At Valencia Bikes we offer the best bike tours, with guides speaking English (at 11:00 am) or Dutch (at 10:00 am, 11:00 am and 04:00 pm). If you prefer to start at another time or in another language, you can hire a private bike tour. Visit our website, check the availability of the tours and book easily and we will meet you pedaling around Valencia!

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