Rent-a-Bike in Valencia: the new fashionable way for touring the city

24 de febrero


If you are going to travel to Valencia to spend a few days relaxing or getting to know the city, you will be interested to know that bike rental Valencia is a very popular activity that has grown like foam when it comes to touring the city. It is comfortable, inexpensive and gives you a huge freedom to go wherever you want without worrying about distances or public transport to reach certain locations. Valencia is not an excessively large city, although it does have considerable size so as not to be able to walk everywhere. The bike rental Valencia becomes the best option to tour the city, and if you have time, to ride through the surroundings, this will allow you to know more in depth this enclave of the Mediterranean coast.

The best option to bike rental Valencia is Valencia Bikes. We are the pioneer company, have started with this service fifteen years ago and to our credit are thousands the tourists who have been satisfied with our bikes. To hire a bicycle with bike rental Valencia you can go to one of our points located at the Pechina walk – next to the Turia gardens- the Historical Center or to the Ruzafa neighborhood.


Once you have rented a bicycle with bike rental Valencia and you have with you the bike, you cannot miss the traditional tour across the Historic Center and the Arts and Sciences City. Prepare your Instagram because the Santiago Calatrava modern architecture will leave you with your mouth open. Valencia is a city of contrasts, and you will be surprised how easy is for you going from the Valencia gothic of narrow streets and palaces to the Valencia of the future in just 15 minutes by bike.

It is easy through the gardens of the ancient riverbed of the Turia River, going straight from the Serranos towers, the gates of ancient Valencia, to the City of Sciences, pedaling on your bicycle in the middle of trees and nature. It will be easy to you going there because in addition, Valencia is a totally flat city and with an enviable bike paths network. And with a sunny climate practically all year round, allows the bike rental Valencia either in August or in December.


If you have time, one of the plans you can make with your bike rental Valencia is to go and visit Port Saplaya, a seafront town built with channels and known as the ‘Little Venice’. Pedaling, you can reach it in just 20 minutes from the Malvarrosa beach. You can access following the beach line to the north of the city. Port Saplaya is a summer resort where Valencians have moored their pleasure boats and have colorful houses in a marina penetrating the land and forming channels. It is a cute place to spend an afternoon walking. In addition, it has numerous ice cream shops and restaurants, which offer menus at a good price and are perfect for a sorbet or a good meal or dinner with typical dishes such as paella.

In short, with bike rental Valencia you can organize a thousand plans going beyond knowing the typical Valencia places. Riding a bicycle will give you more freedom to enjoy different corners of the Turia’s capital. In Valencia Bikes we are to serve you 365 days a year and to offer you the bicycle you need. In addition, if you want a guided bike tour through Valencia, we also specialize in it. Get ready to enjoy Valencia mounted on two wheels

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