Baroque Valencia and the Palace of the Marqués de Dos Aguas

20 of November

Valencia has the great advantage you can tour her in many ways without finding long distances that are impossible for you to reach. You can walk, go on public transport, on skates… but without any doubt the most comfortable and quick way is to rent a bike in Valencia.

The Turia capital has an extensive network of bicycle lanes and in addition it is totally flat, therefore to rent a bike in Valencia has become the preferred choice for many visitors and tourists to spend a day and going from end to end of the city enjoying the views and the mild weather it has all over the year.

The first thing we should ask ourselves is where to rent a bike in Valencia. Rental businesses have proliferated in recent years, but Valencia Bikes is the one having more years of experience in the city and with more satisfied customers. The best thing is to go to the safe, and to rent a bike in Valencia at Valencia Bikes, which also offers good prices and a variety of bikes. You can find your store of Valencia Bikes at the Paseo de la Pechina – next to the gardens of the old Turia course- and in the historical center.


With your bike after rent a bike in Valencia at Valencia Bikes we will recommend you take the way through the baroque Valencia. The Turia capital has traces of all the historical and artistic stages, from Roman times to the 21st century with the imposing City of Arts and Sciences. We propose in this case to know a little more of the Valencia Baroque. Let’s start our tour by the Basilica Virgen de los Desamparados (Our Lady of the Forsaken). In addition to viewing the image Valencians worship and that is their pilgrimage center, the basilica houses the Palomino frescoes in its dome, a great work of art.

From there, go head to the irons gate of the Valencia Cathedral, located at the neighboring square. The Cathedral is a must visit, but get into it for its baroque part. It is an eclectic building where you will discover the passage of the different artistic styles. A few meters from the Cathedral is located the Santa Catalina church, a very beautiful church that is the favorite of many Valencians to get married. As soon as you get in you will discover why. Rent a bike in Valencia it will easy to go from there to the Convent of Carmen, another Baroque building, now transformed into a museum housing interesting exhibition, as well as its cloister that remains intact.


And of course, if you want to know the Baroque Valencia, you cannot miss the Marqués de Dos Aguas Palace, the paradigmatic baroque jewel of Valencia. Only its facade imposes and is of astonishing detail and beauty. Its impressive door is made of alabaster and represents the two rivers of the garden of Valencia, the Turia and the Júcar, crowned by an image of the Virgin. The façade, in French rococo style, is made of stuccos of colors imitating marbles. After rent a bike in Valencia you cannot miss this point, even to only see the façade and to take photos.

If you have more time, get inside the palace, now turned into National Museum of Ceramics. Inside, in addition to an interesting collection of pottery and porcelain, there are chariots of the time, as well as some rooms of what was the palace. On Sundays, admission is free.

In short, whether you take a baroque route or the oldest or modern Valencia, to rent a bike in Valencia has become an indispensable option to squeeze your time in the Turia capital. Remember that we are waiting for you in Valencia Bikes to rent a bike in Valencia at the best prices and with all the guarantees. And if you wish, we also have guided tours in English and Dutch to know the city with a guide. Walk around Valencia on bicycle and have a great time.

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