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+34 650 621 436


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Where we are

We have three strategically located shops, one next to the Turia Gardens, one in the historic center, and another one in Ruzafa neighbourhood

This way, you can rent a bike in a shop and return it at the other. And if you get a flat tyre or want to change your bike, you can do it at either shop.

Valencia Bikes Turia Gardens

Passeig de la Petxina, 32. 46008 Valencia
GPS ( N 39º 28′ 37.25” | W 0º 23′ 28.81”)
Everyday from 09:00h to 19:00h

Valencia Bikes Historic City Centre

Carrer de la Tapinería, 14. 46001 Valencia
GPS ( N 39º 47′ 47.39” | W 0º 37′ 64.24”)
Everyday from 09:30h to 19:00h.

Valencia Bikes Russafa

Carrer de Cuba, 24. 46006 Valencia
GPS ( N 39º 27′ 42,77” | W 0º 22′ 37,47”)
Everyday from 09:30h to 19:00h.