For visitors who prefer to explore the city on their own, we recommend renting a bike and touring the city through a network of routes.

Discover valencia in the most entertaining and sustainable way

At Valencia Bikes we love bicycles, riding around the city and its green areas, the sound of the wheels when passing under bridges, going to the beach, feeling the sea breeze on our faces … ..and that light that can only be found in a Mediterranean city like Valencia.

We love Valencia because it is a completely flat city, which means it is ideal for cycling. We are also proud of being one of Europe’s best cities for bicycle riding, with a network of more than 150 km of bicycle lanes. And last but not least, we have the world’s most impressive green bicycle path, the Turia gardens, an ancient riverbed that crosses Valencia from end to end and is a paradise for cyclists and skaters … well, also for runners, walkers, children, elderly people … and anyone looking for serenity.

The best way to enjoy the city is to rent a bike. You get independence, comfort, speed… and it is also environmentally sustainable.

We have a strategically located shop next to the Turia Gardens.

We are proud to have the best bicycles in the city, solid, light, with gears and of various heights.

You can rent or start a bike tour from:

Valencia Bikes Turia Gardens

Passeig de la Petxina, 32. 46008 Valencia
GPS ( N 39º 28′ 37.25” | W 0º 23′ 28.81”)
Abiertos de 09:30 a 18:00 SOLO CON RESERVA PREVIA | Opened from 09:30 to 18:00 hrs (ONLY WITH RESERVATION). Sorry for the inconveniences.

Renting a bike is easier than getting on it.



Come to one of our shops and fill in a contract with your personal information.


We give you, without any additional charges, a padlock, a helmet (if you want one), a child seat (if your infant needs one), a repair kit (if you are going out of town) and a map showing the entire network of bicycle lanes in Valencia.


As a deposit, we need your ID or € 50. If you plan to return the bike at one of our other shops, the €50 deposit is the only available option, and this amount will then be returned at the end of your rental period.


Rules and recommendations for bicycle circulation through the city.

ico-zapato-1Wear comfortable clothes and shoes in order to enjoy your bike ride.
ico-ciudadTake into account Valencia’s municipal regulations: You cannot ride your bicycle on sidewalks or lock bicycles to street lamps or urban furniture.
ico-cascoIn the city, children under the age of 16 must wear helmets. For adults, the use of helmet is optional.
ico-candadoWhen you lock your bicycle, make sure to do so by locking its frame onto a solid structure which is fixed to the ground.
ico-solIn Valencia we are fortunate to have good weather all year round, so make sure you use sunscreen and /or a hat or cap. Oh !! Also, do not forget your sunglasses.
ico-aguaWhen the weather is hot, hydration is very important so in our shops there are water bottles for sale.

Rules and recommendations for bicycle circulation through the city.


Our bikes are comfortable, solid, light, with gears and of various heights to choose from, even for the tallest people!!!.

We have bikes for men, women (with or without a basket), children (20 and 24 inches), tandems and electric bikes (subject to reservation).





Bicycle prices

Up to 1 hour 5 €
Up to 4 hours 10 €
Up to 24 hours (or store closing time) 15 €
From 2 to 3 days 12 €/per day
For 4 days or more 10 €/per day

Children’s bikes (20′ and 24′) have a 50% discount if rented together with an adults’ bike.

Long term rental Prices

Up to 1 week 50 €
Up to 2 weeks 70 €
Up to 1 month 80 €

Tandem Bicycle Prices

Up to 1 hour 10 €
Up to 4 hours 20 €
Up to 24 hours (or store closing time) 30 €

Electric Bicycle Prices

Up to 4 hour 25 €
Up to 24 hours (or store closing time) 30 €

All our electric bicycles must spend the night in one of our stores during the duration of the rental, in this way we guarantee the charging of the vehicle’s battery.

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