Bicycle rental

Discover Valencia in the most entertaining and sustainable way

Bicycle prices

Up to 4 hours
10 €
All day until closing time
14 €
Up to 24 hours
15 €
2 to 3 days
12 € per day
From 4 days
10 € per day

we have Children’s bikes (20′ and 24′) and bikes with baby seat.

Long term rental prices

Up to 1 week
60 €
Up to 2 weeks
100 €
Up to 1 month
175 €

Tandem prices

Up to 4 hours
20 €
All day until closing time
28 €

Electric bike prices

Up to 4 hours
30 €
All day until closing time
34 €

E-bikes must overnight in our shop during the duration of the rental, this way we guarantee the charging of the battery.

Book your bike

Choose an option

How it works

A simple process

Come to our store

And you fill in a simple contract with your details. As a deposit we take a picture of your ID or passport.


The bicycle

And we offer you free padlock, baby seat (if you need it), repair kit (if you’re leaving town) and a map with the updated bike path.


In case of puncture

Come to our Store

We do not have a bicycle pick-up service. In case of a puncture, go to our shop and change your bike. We also offer a puncture insurance within Valencia for 1 €/bike/day and we send you a taxi with a bike to change it.

The best way to enjoy the city

Rent a bike

You have independence to go where you want in the city, with the comfort of our bikes and it is also environmentally sustainable.

We are proud to have the best bikes in town, solid, light, marching and multi-speed.

We’ll give you an updated bike path map and recommend the best routes for your city visit.

Our shop is strategically located in Paseo de la Pechina, 32 next to the Turia Gardens.

Tips for an excellent experience

Make Valencia more sustainable
Comfortable clothes
Bring comfortable clothes and shoes to enjoy the bike ride.
Remember the municipal regulations
It is not possible to ride the sidewalks or secure the bikes to streetlights or urban furniture.
Children under the age of 16 wear helmets
In the city, children under the age of 16 must wear a helmet. Adults only if they prefer.
Secure safely
When you secure the bike be sure to do it to a solid place and fixed to the ground, and from the body of the bike.
Good weather
In Valencia we are lucky enough to have good weather all year round, so come with sunscreen or hat/cap.
Drink water
Remember that when it is hot it is advisable to hydrate. In our stores you can buy water.
Puncture Repair Kit
If you're going to take a long tour out of town, let us know for a puncture repair kit.
Arrive 15 minutes early
Please try to arrive 15 minutes before the booking time

All our bikes are checked by expert mechanics to check their condition. Each bicycle is reviewed and certified before being delivered.

In case of a puncture, go to the nearest shop to change your bike. We offer a pick up insurance of 1€ per bike and, in case of a puncture, we will send you a taxi to pick you up and take you to the nearest store.

Periodic check-ups

Do you prefer a guided visit?

Bike Tours
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